Tesco Alley Community Art

Tesco Alley Community Art

How can we brighten up the neglected alley between Tesco and The Rural Pie Company? This was a question pondered by Twyford’s ‘In Bloom’ team. But what was their answer? And how did they involve the local community?

So what’s in the alley?

The once dark and dismal Tesco Alley is now adorned with five, delightful works of art celebrating nature and community life.

Who do we have to thank?

Schools, businesses and residents all came together for the Tesco Alley Community Art project. The paintings are by pupils from The Colleton Primary School, The Charvil Piggott Primary School (helped by The Piggott Senior School) and Polehampton Infant and Junior Schools (helped by local artist, Rebecca Howard). In addition, The Picture Framer installed the paintings and Dave Chambers improved the lighting.

Why were they installed?

The idea for the Tesco Alley Community Art project came from Twyford ‘s ‘In Bloom‘ team. Each year, volunteers from Twyford Parish Council and Twyford Together look for ways to improve our environment. The first painting went up in 2018.and four more were added the following year. But the work didn’t stop there….

How has the area been further developed?

Stage 2 of the Tesco Alley enhancement was a new flower bed. This project was part funded by Tesco Bags of Help Thames Valley, created by Ruscombe Design and Build Ltd and planted by Treetop Landscapes.

What’s the verdict?

Passers-by are far less inclined to quicken their step in Tesco Alley. To the contrary, they now stop and admire the cheery gallery. It’s a great example of how residents can make a difference by working together. Plus, this isn’t the only community art project in the village. Find out about another alleyway installation in Twyford.

They really do brighten up that alley” – Jacqui Watts