Twyford Cycling Together

Twyford Cycling Together is a group dedicated to encouraging cycling in the village. We’re planning a series of routes in and around the village as well as secure facilities to lock up bikes.

Over the past 50 years Twyford has grown from a small village into a community with about 7000 residents. This development has rarely taken into account the needs of pedestrians, cyclists or horse riders, on the assumption that all travel will be by car. The result is a conflict between people in cars and people not in cars as they compete for limited road space.

As further development occurs and traffic levels reach unpleasant levels, there is a need to re-examine how we move around our community. The climate crisis and health issues provide further incentives to make it easier to live in Twyford without driving a car. Cycling, walking & riding are enjoyable and very satisfying activities, providing the surroundings are peaceful and safe. When these activities take place on a busy road, however, they quickly become unpleasant and stressful.

Twyford Cycling Together seeks to work with local people, councils and other organisations to find ways to reduce or remove the conflict between cars and people. We favour creating dedicated shared pedestrian and cycle routes around Twyford that will enhance our quality of life. Our routes should be attractive and useful to families, shoppers and commuters in their everyday lives. They are not likely to be of interest to the competitive cyclist travelling long distances at speed.

We invite all residents of Twyford & RG10 to join in the conversation as we look for the small changes that will over time make Twyford a better place to live.