Conservation Area Leaflets

Conservation Area Leaflets

Twyford has not one, but two areas of historical and architectural importance. But where are they and what restrictions are in place? Twyford Together’s Conservation Area Leaflets (produced jointly with Wokingham Borough Council and the Twyford and Ruscombe Local History Society) tell you everything you need to know…

Where are the Conservation Areas?

Twyford Conservation Area focusses on the High Street and London Road (the original Old Bath Road). The Station Conservation Area, in turn, covers the Victorian era of development in the village associated with the arrival of the Great Western Railway. For example, the Station, Old Station House, the two storey cottages along Brook Street built to house the GWR workforce, the terraced cottages on the west side of Waltham Road and The Golden Cross public house.

Why were the leaflets produced?

Conservation areas are living communities. They must be allowed to change over time in order to retain vitality and prosper. Therefore, the leaflets aim to guide and control development rather than to prevent it.

Where can I find the leaflets?

Every household and business in the Conservation Areas received a hard copy in 2013. You can, however, download a pdf of each leaflet on the Wokingham Borough Council website.