Adopt A Street

What Is Adopt A Street?

The Adopt-A-Street initiative, backed by Twyford Together was launched in 2010 by John Fletcher of Byron Close and then taken over by Sue Goddard of Mallard Close, and aimed to tackle litter on our streets throughout the year. From 2016 it has been organised by Chris Wise who has a team of volunteers who regularly keep their road, group of streets, or local footpath free from rubbish. 

Why volunteer and what does it involve?
With your help we can make our village a more attractive and pleasant place for everyone to live in.  With the environment now taking centre stage, it is even more imperative that we remove litter/plastic from our streets.  It’s entirely up to you when and how often you go out, to achieve a worthwhile result. You and your community will have the satisfaction afterwards of looking out on cleaner streets and perhaps deter people from dropping so much litter in the future. Adopt-A-Street can supply litter pickers and special plastic bags etc.

Who should I contact?
Chris Wise at Please make sure you spread the word and tell everyone that you have joined the local Adopt-a-Street Initiative, taking responsibility for trying to keep your street free of litter — and that they could do the same, with benefits for everyone. Please contact Chris and sign up for the scheme, to be kept fully informed and supplied with equipment etc

Which Streets Are Covered?
We already have some 50 or so volunteers covering a good proportion of Twyford and Ruscombe’s streets, but there are still areas that are in need of some TLC. 

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