Virtual Twyford In Bloom

The Virtual Twyford In Bloom competition has added a new category and been given a Grand Prize to be awarded by Dobbies.

The new category is for Best Garden Kitchen. This is to recognise how popular growing your own food has become in the village. During Lockdown many people started to grow more edible plants and veg. We know it’s become extremely popular so added this category to recognise the best ‘garden kitchen’.

Furthermore, we have been given an overall Grand Prize. This has been donated by Dobbies, the local garden centre in Hare Hatch. This will go to the overall winner selected from the winner of each category. Dobbies has also donated a prize for the Junior Under 11 category.

Residents have until October 1st 2020 to send us their photos using our online form (here).

Good luck!