Twyford Berks Covid 19 Community Support Group

 This village volunteer group supports the vulnerable and elderly in Twyford and surrounding areas. It was set up in the middle of March as we went into lockdown and currently has 840 registered volunteers on its Facebook page

It was started by Sam Bramwell and joined by a number of Administrators, Sarah Johnson, Nicky Martyn, Neetan Kathuria & Adam Jackson. 

The village was broken up into Zones with co-ordinators for each with volunteers allocated according to where they lived. Communication across the Zones was set up on WhatsApp with dedicated centralised contact details for anyone in need. These details were distributed via 2 leaflets drops across the village. 

Guidelines were established and distributed to all volunteers. Training was given via the Wokingham Council online safeguarding course and ID Badges produced to ensure all recipients were comfortable with the status of the person that they were dealing with. 

Since March hundreds of people have been helped – as of today over 500 shopping requests have been dealt with and additionally other things such as prescription collections and deliveries and all sort of other requests including such things removing a bed so that a hospital bed could be installed in someone’s home. It is also a focal point for those doing other great work such as collecting donations for delivery to key workers or making masks or just sharing relevant information. 

A perfect representation of the great community spirit in the village!

If you need help or assistance as a result of COVID-19 then please call 07377 226 835 or email