Twyford Photographic Competition

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Twyford Photographic Competition

Twyford Photographic Competition, 2017

The closing date for entering this year's competition has now passed. Watch this space for details of the winners.

Who can enter?

Anyone aged 16 years and over who lives in RG10 or works for a local business based in RG10 is eligible to enter. 

When is the deadline?

The closing date for the competition was Monday 22 May, 2017

How many images can I submit?

You may submit up to five images. Gareth is trying to encourage new work, so photos must have been taken between 1 January 2016 and 15 May 2017. Previously published work (see T&C’s) will be disallowed.

Is there an entry fee?

No, there is no fee this year.

What are the categories?

Twyford - Anything and anybody in and around Twyford (RG10).
Wildlife - This category typically focuses on animals that are undomesticated and shot within their natural environment.
Travel - Inspiring images from your travels around the world.
Culture - Consider this category in the widest meaning of the word - this could include: art, sport, traditional customs, history, festivals, local events and/or celebrations.
Architecture - The photographing of buildings or structures that is both accurate, and aesthetically pleasing.
Nature - Your view of the physical world around us and all within it. This could include landscapes, mountains, glaciers, plants and more. Please note this category does not include wildlife imagery.

Are mobile images allowed?

Yes, you may submit mobile images in any of the categories.

Can photos be digitally enhanced?

Editing and retouching of images is allowed in all categories. However, it is not necessary in order for an image to be entered into the competition.

What are the prizes?

Winners will have their photographs printed by Gareth Jones of Sports-alive photography, framed by The Picture Framer, and exhibited in the window displays at Davis Tate Twyford. The winners will get coverage in the local press as well as through RG10 and Twyford Together. Judging will be complete in time for winners to be announced at the Twyford Scouts' Donkey Derby in June.

What will the judges be looking for?

Our judges will be looking at technique (e.g. exposure, sharpness, the way the image has been post-processed) and creative content (e.g. treatment of the subject, composition, use of perspective and the interpretation the photographer has put on the image to make it unique).
Entries will be judged anonymously so file names should not include any attribution that identifies the creator of the image. Equally, there should not be anything within the image itself that identifies its creator.

What are the file requirements?

Images should be no smaller than 600KB and no larger than 5MB. The maximum file size permitted per form is 20MB. Images should be JPEG files and must be saved in the RGB colour model (this is the default for mobiles and most compact cameras). All entrants must be able to supply a high resolution image suitable for printing should this be required.

What do I need to enter?

Anything from a mobile phone through a compact automatic to a top quality DSLR with fancy lenses and filters. All images are worthy of consideration, and may be submitted either in their original format or after digital enhancement as part of the creative process.

Why is Twyford Together running the competition?

The idea for the photo competition came from the Twyford (Berkshire) Facebook Group. Twyford Together member Gareth Jones of Sports-alive Photography decided to make it happen with our help. Once again, he has taken the lead role in organising the competition and will be presiding over the judging.